Care for your Mary's Hands Jewelry

Please note that although my jewelry is made to last, most of my creations are delicate and thus should be preserved with care. Here are some suggestions to help preserve your Mary's Hands jewelry and all of your favorite jewelry pieces.

Please take care to not throw it in your bag. I have friends who confess to doing this. Don’t! Try to keep your pieces separate so as not to get them tangled with your other pieces.
To keep your jewelry in pristine condition, store your items in an air-tight container, or a zip locking plastic bag. Doing so will help slow the tarnishing of sterling silver and gold.
To avoid kinks and tangles, store your jewelry either laying flat or hang them straight down.
Accessorize last before going out. Repeated exposure to the chemicals in your beauty products will cause your jewelry to lose its brilliance. Plus this will help you avoid getting your jewelry caught on garments.
To clean your jewelry, simply run a soft cloth over the stones or beads to remove any body oils. You can use a dry polishing cloth for the chain and clasp
We don’t recommend liquid jewelry cleaning solutions – they’re not always safe for the jewelry and may damage the stones or beads. For hard-to-reach spaces, especially the wires in between the stones, use a tiny bit of toothpaste on a soft toothbrush, and gently scrub over the area, and rinse to bring back the sparkle!

Mary's Hands Jewelry can be delicate but a little extra care will help preserve your pieces.
Following these steps, you will enjoy your jewelry for years to come.